TAAC Aspire

Explore our High School program, where Mathematics and Science are at the forefront, complemented by a thorough emphasis on spoken English proficiency. Our enriched curriculum, featuring dynamic learning modules, provides students with a robust grounding in STEM fields and polished communication skills, shaping them into well-rounded individuals ready to excel academically and professionally

Timings8:50 AM to 3:30 PM

Immersive Educational Oasis

Step into our exceptional learning environment, where safety is paramount in vibrant classrooms adorned with 75-inch interactive touch panels and bespoke comfort-focused furniture. Tailored individual shelves for each student create an organized space, fostering engagement and instilling a sense of ownership in their educational journey.


IIT-Foundation Programme

Elevate your child's academic journey with our IIT Foundation Programme, crafted for IIT and NEET aspirants. Amidst a nurturing environment, our specialized teachers and tailored curriculum foster a deep understanding of Maths and Science. Prepare your child for success in competitive exams while cultivating a love for learning

- Start Early,

dream big!

Fun Day

The Saturday of every week is declared the ‘Fun day’. Students leave the school bags behind and immerse themselves in two chosen activities- one indoor and one outdoor -creating a dynamic day of learning and fun, enhancing both mind and body.

Classical Dance
Chess Masterclass
Musical Instruments


“Best for every child.”

"Elevate academic success with our 'Ladders Programme,' designed to uplift underperforming students through personalized strategies and dedicated mentorship, ensuring a path towards excellence."


Inspire to

"Embark on a journey of innovation at our Robotics Lab exclusively designed for high school enthusiasts. This immersive space beckons students into the realms of robotics, coding, and collaborative projects, empowering the next wave of engineers and inventors. Here, we ignite curiosity and foster technical expertise, shaping the future pioneers of innovation."