TAAC Champs

Our program for grades I to V is committed to cultivating essential learning skills, critical thinking, analysis, and inquiry. Embracing the unique qualities of each child, we champion a personalized educational approach that stimulates curiosity, creativity, and independent thinking.

Timings8:50 AM to 3:30 PM

Excel in Maths and Science

Elevating the educational journey for grades I to V, our specialized Math and Science Enrichment Program goes beyond the ordinary. We focus on instilling a profound appreciation and comprehension of mathematical concepts and scientific principles, nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving prowess, and analytical skills in young minds. Join us in shaping the future thinkers and innovators through this dynamic initiative, where learning becomes an inspiring exploration of math and science.


Captivating, Uplifting, Immersive

Embark on an enriching learning experience with our Class I-V classrooms adorned with large interactive panels, thoughtfully designed furnishings, and personalized storage spaces. This contemporary and organized setting is tailored for optimal student engagement and holistic development.


Nurturing the Essence of Learning

Within our school's cultural fabric, 'Learning to Learn' is seamlessly woven. Here, students are not merely taught but inspired to think critically, analyze, and question before understanding. This transformative process not only imparts knowledge but transforms learning into an enriching and enjoyable experience."


Fun Day, Where School Bags Take a Backseat!

Step into the realm of joy with our 'Fun Day' – an immersive experience dedicated to exploration, creativity, and delightful learning, completely unburdened by the weight of school bags. This extraordinary day invites children to select one indoor and one outdoor activity from a vibrant array of options, fostering the development of interpersonal skills and transforming the school experience into a truly enchanting journey.

Classical Dance
Chess Masterclass
Musical Instruments

Mentors Programme

“Best for every child.”

Elevate your academic potential with our Mentor Programme tailored for students underachiving in specific subjects. Our dedicated mentors employ personalized strategies to support your growth, ensuring exam success and academic excellence. Empower your learning journey today and unlock your full potential with our comprehensive mentorship program.